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(Max) Blumenthal explained how The New York Times commissioned the 11-minute video, but after the paper’s editors saw it, refused to publish it: “I was asked to submit something by The New York Times op docs, a new section on the website that published short video documentaries. I am known for short video documentaries about the right wing in the US, and extremism in Israel. They solicited a video from me, and when I didn’t produce it in time, they called me for it, saying they wanted it. So I sent them a video I produced with my colleague, David Sheen, an Israeli journalist who is covering the situation of non-Jewish Africans in Israel more extensively than any journalist in the world. We put together some shocking footage of pogroms against African communities in Tel Aviv, and interviews with human rights activists. I thought it was a well-done documentary about a situation very few Americans were familiar with. We included analysis. We tailored it to their style, and of course it was rejected without an explanation after being solicited. I sent it to some other major websites and they have not even responded to me, when they had often solicited articles from me in the past. Blumenthal, author of the bestselling and widely promoted 2009 book Republican Gomorrah, also spoke about the difficulty he has had getting any mainstream media attention for his new book Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel. Just like this video, Blumenthal’s new book offers an unflinching look at the racist reality of Israel that America’s establishment media simply does not have the guts to confront.” ~ Max Blumenthal

israel verplichte contraceptie vaccin tegen ethiopieUne source gouvernementale a pour la première fois reconnu la pratique d’injection de contraceptif de longue durée sur des femmes d’origine éthiopienne, rapporte le site du quotidien Haaretz.

Israël admet des femmes éthiopiennes dont il pourra contrôler les naissances, résume le quotidien.

Le ministre de la Santé a demandé à tous les gynécologues et aux quatre organisations de santé du pays de ne pas injecter le contraceptif de longue durée Depo-Provera, s’ils ne connaissent pas les raisons du traitement.


raket launchIsrael remains the only obstacle at it refuses to talk or attend conference …

The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ramin Mehmanparast, lamented on Tuesday (27th) to U.S. opposition to the realization of a Conference on a Middle East Free of Nuclear Weapons in December.

“This measure represents the illusory claims, contradictions and ambivalent attitudes of the United States under the concept of nuclear disarmament and the establishment of international security,” the official said.

In allusion to Iran’s initiative to create a Middle East free of atomic weapons, the Persian official emphasized the importance of full and effective implementation, without preconditions articles of resolution 1995 regarding this issue.


Afgelopen nacht om vijf over twaalf hebben vermoedelijk uit Israël afkomstige gevechtsvliegtuigen een succesvol bombardement uitgevoerd op het Yarmouk militaire complex bij de Soedanese hoofdstad Khartoum. In de fabrieken, die compleet werden vernietigd, werden namens Iran onder andere ballistische Shehab-3 raketten gemaakt, bedoeld als ‘back-up’ voor het geval Iran zijn eigen raketten en fabrieken zou kwijtraken bij een Israëlische en/of Amerikaanse militaire verrassingsaanval.