About “Christians for Israël”

This blog was created after a few thoughts and a few questions. Why do some “Christians” sees so much salvation in Israel? Why do some “Euro-wing politicians” sees so much salvation in Israel?

This blog aims to offset the various organizations called “Christians for Israel”. They rely on biblical grounds. That the entire Old Testament once was adjusted, is an open secret. The Roman citizen Marcion alerted us in the second century about the falsity of the Old Testament. Christians for Israel, which of course always are speaking about financial trouble, committed a huge mistake. Consciously or unconsciously?

Another point is the fact that in Europe a number of politicians and parties sees in Israel (and in the U.S., the main ally and sponsor) a kind of barrier against immigration and “Islam”. Also this analysis is completely wrong and incomprehensible.

This blog is opposed to the state of Israel, because by that state terror perpetrated against its neighbors and it knows no boundaries. This blog learns with joy that there is increasing resistance to the terror perpetrated by the Israeli state, the Israeli army and Israeli settlers. The struggle against Israeli racism and imperialism are luckily support within the Israeli society. Several Jewish peace movements can not take peace with terror committed by their leaders.

This blog is opposed to the Zionist and therefore against the US-Zionist policy because it went further to more tension, more hatred and more intollerance. The by them wanted clash of civilizations should be avoided. There should be no war between the Christian and the Islamic world. Each people has the right for a good future and a happy life in his own environment.

Who is supporting the Israeli policy, has the right to express it. Anyone who doesn’t support Israeli policy, has also the right to express his/her opinion. This right is taken with both hands  by this blog.

  1. Terry says:

    This is a much needed blog, well done.
    I believe that Israeli Zionist Jews are dragging Christians in to their unholy and Godless way of thinking, particularly in America and Great Britain, we need to wake up to the fact that we’re being deceived by their lying propaganda.
    How can Christians even think that what is going on in Israel with the terrifying persecution of Palestinians is from the hand of God, Jesus Christ would never behave in such a way, not ever.
    I for one am totally opposed to the awful doctrine of Zionism and I hope that more true brothers and sisters in Christ wake up to the facts.
    God bless all who seek the truth in Jesus Christ our Lord.

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