A portion of the US elite, who are heathens by definition, have made their false god the power of the state. These individuals believe they can create the perfect ordered society through force. These elites are primarily split amongst two camps.

One camp believes it can create a better world through the liberal use of force by making other nations in the image of a secular US, the other believes in power for its sake and as a tool to ensure their dominance to make a better world for them at the expense of exploiting others. But, for both groups state power has become their idol.

These Americans believe it is okay to violate religious precepts if it is in service of the state, and in that service to the state these people promote the idea that an individual is not responsible for having to make any moral distinctions. They truly believe that service to the state transcends good and evil and supplants the precepts of Christianity, the primary religion to which US politicians, including Barak Obama, pay fake homage to garner public support. By doing this they have placed the state above a true God and have become moral relativists. If one believes the dictates of the state ever usurp God’s commandments, then the state has become their god whose dictates, uttered by political vicars, carry more weight than the religious writings that command them to be just.

The Christian Bible does not say, “Thou shall not kill -except when the US government or Zionist adherents seek to dominate economically, politically, or militarily. The Bible does not say, “Thou shall not bear false witness -unless he or she believes a greater good is being achieved in service of the state.” The Bible does not say, “Thou shall not steal -unless it is the house of a Palestinian and the thief is a Jew. The Bible does not say, “Thou shall not lie -except when Zionists need to propagandize in support of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.”

We are required to come to the aid of our fellow man regardless of their political, ethnic or religious affiliation. But, those who support the state find it easier to kill their fellow man in support of a lie than they find it to tell the truth. Such people despise truth and it cuts them like a sword. Lies always need the support of the state, but the truth needs nothing and it can stand on its own.
When people in power decide their ideology has become the new religion, they recognize no limit on their means because they believe it justifies their ends. As they carry out their slaughter in pursuit of their ends they find the end seems to keep getting farther away and requires more slaughter.

The US was responsible for the death of three million Vietnamese because they decided to order their society on a different economic model, one that could have possibly threatened the interests of the elites. The only limit to slaughter the US power elite recognized was the limit at which their endeavors caused them to lose power. If they could have stayed in power, or if their bellicosity would allow them to garner more power, the power elite would have exterminated the entire Vietnamese population without any regard to morality. Does anyone know what the limit was that Lyndon Johnson had placed on the number of Vietnamese he was willing to kill to achieve his goals?

As the US establishment sought to expand empire, foreign lives never figured into any US decision-making regarding military action except as it could cause domestic political pressure that would diminish the power of the elites should Americans ever become uncomfortable enough to begin waking up from their ignorance and apathy. US leaders do not mind if they bankrupt the country and cause the deaths of millions. Does anyone believe George Bush would sacrifice his family’s wealth and privilege to save the US from utter destruction? Yet, such people as he are the first to extol the slaughter of innocents while portraying it as patriotic duty.

The entire US political establishment is infested with Zionists who control the committees for the armed forces, intelligence, banking and internal security. These Zionists have shown their god to be military dominance. They pay human sacrifice to this false god. These Zionists, be they Jew of Christian, all are heavily investing in the military industrial complex and profit greatly from war while peace threatens to destroy their wealth. In such a paradigm lies becomes the native tongue and the dollar’s increasingly worthlessness is replaced by a currency of violence.

The elite, these fake Christians, believe they and their politics are superior to the commands Jesus, as they could better rule the world through political maneuverings and violence than through justice and love. They believe more in the utility of violence as a method for change than in biblical precepts. The Bible shows us that Jesus overcame his greatest temptation when Satan offered Him dominion over all the world.

In Luke 4:4-8, it is written: Then the devil, taking Him up on a high mountain, showed Him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. And the devil said to Him, “All this authority I will give You, and their glory; for this has been delivered to me, and I give it to whomever I wish. Therefore, if You will worship before me, all will be Yours.” And Jesus answered and said to him, “Get behind Me, Satan! For it is written, ‘You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only you shall serve.’ ”

Iran has not waged aggressive war in 250 years. Yet, it seems the only way Americans learn geography is when their government intervenes in or invades other countries. Iran’s leaders understand that whenever a country invades, it slaughters innocent women and children. The deaths of innocents are not an unintended consequence, but a logical and definite by-product of modern warfare. There have been over 260,000,000 people murdered by governments from CE 1900 to 2000. These deaths were not as a part of war, but as a way for government to achieve ideological, political or economic goals. The elite placed their ideas in higher esteem than the lives of hundreds of millions of people. In fact, this murder by governments exceeds the 200,000,000 lives lost through warfare during the same period. How can it be said that God would want any part of this genocidal slaughter that is more akin to human sacrifice to Satan than anything remotely resembling governance.

Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot and the genocidal wars in Africa were all committed by leaders who felt they had a right to hold the lives of millions of people in their hand. The US has supported governments who have betrayed their people and view their countrymen’s lives as mere abstractions in pursuit of power. It is US policy to betray any ally and attack any foe that could challenge its hegemony by developing any credible deterrence.

While the US has engaged in governmental witch-hunts against Muslims and supported al Qaeda slaughter of Shias in Syria, Iran has respected the rule of law and secured the rights of others’ freedom of religion, be they Sunni, Christian or Jew. Yet, the puppet governments the US controls say nothing regardless of the crimes they witness against innocents. This is the homage corrupt rulers pay to the US government.

American Christian Zionists believe that Israeli Jews are morally justified in any action, be it murder, torture or assassination on an individual basis, or ethnic cleansing and genocide on a grand scale. It seems it matters not to Christian Zionists as to the righteousness of these actions, sincerely believing these crimes result as an act of God’s will working through the Israeli regime. Would God work through a system owned and controlled by Satan?

How can God support the violation of his laws, the commission of Christianity’s Seven Deadly Sins, or the failure to adhere to the Ten Commandments as a means of carrying out His will via sins being perpetrated by Jews against Palestinians? So, if bombing innocent Palestinians is okay, why not just line them up and shoot them? Or, why not just put them in death camps and gas them? Christian Zionists believe Jews are morally justified regardless of the crimes they commit so long as the ultimate goal is for a “Greater Israel”. But, if this is just, then why don’t Christian Zionists just come out and promote the execution of every Palestinian man, woman, and child, as opposed to being cryptic about their desire for genocide and ethnic cleansing in the name of Jesus?

If we follow this line of reasoning, why not just allow Americans to kill Palestinians and rob Muslims of their money, jobs and homes in the US? The answer to this question obviously is: Because America has laws. But if Christian Zionists condone Israelis robbing Palestinians of their homes, property, and businesses or destroying the same, why wouldn’t it be okay to do the same in America if one were using the money for the benefit of Israel proper? Maybe these people would support crime when it is one of Jew on Muslim. For Jews to claim justification of their actions by receiving diplomatic cover through the US asserting veto power in the UN is exactly the same legalistic nonsense that Jews used to justify the murder of Jesus. It is out of shear ignorance and the failure to discern good and evil that Americans are ignorant of the crimes visited upon the Palestinians who feeble attempts at defense amount to the killing of a few Israelis while being slaughtered by the thousands.

It behooves every American to read “The Lobby” by Mearsheimer and Walt. This book demonstrates that American politicians will support any criminal act committed by Israelis because our leaders are professional panderers as opposed to statesmen. There is little that they will not support, regardless of its heinousness, to garner the support of our Zionist-controlled media. Does the support of opportunistic politicians who have led this country to ruin equate to moral legitimacy on the part of Israel?

It seems humanity desires rules, but the class of people who are the most “rule oriented”, and this means those in the US government who claims to follow law, are usually the first ones to abuse their authority through arbitrary and capricious decisions, abuse of discretion, perjury, false witness, and unlawful use of force. The same people who insist we follow every rule to the letter and spirit of the law are the first ones to excuse atrocious actions taken by government fiat. These “Christians”, who deify the state and all its actions, act as if the life and death decisions for total war and extermination came from God as opposed to a cabal of lying, opportunistic politicians who engage in self-promotion and demagoguery while pandering to the very worst human traits and characteristics of the masses. Ignorance, apathy, greed and fear are all the allies of the imperial politician.

Christian Zionists, as long as they aren’t made aware of the violence and un-pleasantries involved in theft, destruction, murder, ethnic cleansing and genocide, or of the unarmed Palestinians being obliterated while standing up in defense of their homes against a military juggernaut, feel the conflict and its violence and criminality can be ignored or rationalized away without their bearing any responsibility for having to make any moral judgments.

I guess an American nation that was built on genocide of the indigenous population does not want to go too far in examining the morality of mass extermination by a people who, claiming to be Christian, have been herded onto the path of empire while mutilating the native men, women, and children of the North American continent. This is not ancient history, but goes back only about 140 years ago. Christian Zionists apparently believe the Lord’s bountiful blessings can come in the form of land theft through germ warfare, genocide, and extermination.

If the atrocities visited upon the Palestinians were perpetrated against the same Christians Zionists who condone such crimes when committed by Jews, there would be a war of extermination against Jews before Christians would allow their women and children to suffer homeless and slaughter, and such resistance would correctly be viewed as righteous and Godly. Yet, we would never allow ourselves to contemplate the rights and legitimacy of Palestinians to defend their homes and land. Americans, never having had to live under military occupation, accept rather cavalierly the subjugation of other people, even going as far as viewing it as something that should be considered an acceptable state of affairs by the oppressed peoples.

Does the Christian God accept theft if it is being done by government on a national scale? Does one surrender moral accountability when working on behalf of the state? Does lying, perjury, and other forms of abuse suddenly become acceptable to people because one wears a government supplied costume? Do the Ten Commandments stating “Thou shall not steal” or “Thou shall not kill.” suddenly become inapplicable when these acts are done by Jewish soldiers to Palestinians? The perpetration of these acts by government become more obscene as one includes the disgrace of servitude to these crimes.

Christians spend more time promoting the rise of a Greater Israel than they do attempting to proselytize the people of their very own nation. People who see this unabashed support for Israel wonder what kind of religion Christianity can be if it is so blind to suffering and can so easily promote ethnic cleansing and genocide. It is a Christian precept that says, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” When one supports the violation of every belief their religion holds to be an eternal truth, is not the house divided against itself?

The elements of what comprises hypocrisy seem to be easy concepts to discern, but American have been blinded by what they have been fooled into believing is the utility of war without considering how war contradicts the genius and intention of Christ. How may times did Jesus command Christians to rise up against the Roman Empire even as brethren were being crucified or fed to lions? Did Jesus seek to become a warrior? Would He suddenly consider being a tank platoon leader an acceptable vocational calling for Himself while calling others to his flock? Jesus defended those unable to defend themselves, but to the aggressors he gave warning of leaving them to their own devices.

War is inconsistent not only with the general structure and nature of Christianity and the example of Jesus, but it violates all the express precepts of the New Testament. “Follow peace with all men.” “Love one another.” “Do justice, love mercy.” “Love your enemies.” “Follow righteousness, faith, charity, peace.” “Return good for evil.” “Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamor, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice; and be ye kind one toward another, tender-hearted, forgiving one another, even as God, for Christ’s sake, hath forgiven you.” “If my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight; but because……” “Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.” Does all this suddenly become nonsense when framed in the reference of the Israel/Palestine conflict or when considering how the machinations of the state will be executed? Obviously, it does not.

Prosperity is produced when nations create comparative advantages that develop after securing justice, which also tends to be the reason why nations that are free enjoy prosperity. But as corrupt politicians take over, this group of people seeks to expand its power and control. As time goes on this group then seeks to dominate, at all costs, over issues great and small. Eventually, through their unaccountability to any institution, they become greedy, abusive and corrupt. In the end they destroy the nation that ends up collapsing under the malignancies caused by their political power. The causes of collapse of nations are not mysterious consequences causes by incomprehensible forces of nature, but are the result of breaking simple compacts that are the structural basis for a just global society. When politicians become concerned with expediency and gain as opposed to truth and justice, the foundations for a just society become weak and begin to crumble. Nations become sick as the pathology of force, violence and greed overtakes peaceful cooperation. The body politic becomes ill and the entire physiology of a nation becomes as distorted as the physiology of a heroin addict. Empires needs their taxes, need to expand and need to prevent any disruption of their domination in all facets of human endeavor. Those addicted to corruption would rather kill than be denied the fix that is provided by empire.

The simple commands enumerated in the Ten Commandments and their meanings can be rationalized away by Christian Zionists, and while they attribute the fall of past empires to various types of practiced immoralities, they never attribute the wrongdoing done in the support of a fictitious entity called empire as being the aggregate slaughter by immoral individuals performing immoral acts for which each individual participant owes responsibility. It seems the only time the Israelis want to mention the viciousness of government is when they want to assign blame to Germany for its genocide of Jews. But, all actions are undertaken by individuals as “the government” is a fictitious entity and must enlist real humans to carry out its evil deeds.

The belief by Americans of being unaccountable is wrong. As a nation we have made war our export justifying it by claiming its reasons were benign all the while knowing the stability we claimed to fight for was actually war for the sake of oil, or some other matter of economic, political, or military dominance by elites. The soldier, now a warrior by profession, is ready to fight any nation, or any part of his own nation, as he is sent with no self-awareness for consideration regarding the righteousness of his cause. He must have no mind of his own, but engage in slaughter as he is ordered. Military law is specifically written to break men to military discipline and passive obedience. As a man it turned into an unthinking machine, it is assumed he has become a better soldier. But, Jesus commanded all men at all times to “examine all things, and hold fast that which is good.”

The contempt for life necessary to a brave soldier is sinful. Life is our period of service to perform God’s will and to bring others to the knowledge of eternal truths that provide wisdom. No man should downplay or waste this opportunity. He who masters the fear of death, does it either by understanding he is performing service to God through, or by rejecting the fear of God, and all concern for the future state of his soul by talking himself into believing God wants us to first serve the state. That there are righteous soldiers is true; but they that fight for empire is what gives character to an army. Those who defend the defenseless against invaders are just, but the imperial soldier typifies the general military character of the professional warrior and their aggregate is what which comprises an army. The contempt of life, which distinguishes the imperial soldier, is itself a great sin and is induced by the preceding great sins of casting off the fear of God and the concern for the soul.

What gospel precept is there, that an imperial soldier is not at times compelled to violate? What Christian grace is there that a imperial soldier would not devalue as part of his trade in death and destruction in service to the state? In fact, the empire discourages examination of right and wrong, truth and lies, legal and illegal, moral and immoral. The imperial mindset encourages men to think that the slaughter of the masses is controlled by God and nature as opposed to being driven by sophists who are concerned only with worldly issues.

Look at an imperial army prepared for invasion. See the artillery, cannons, bombers. Do these men look like Christians? Do they talk like followers of the meek Jesus? Are they prepared to act like the friends of the human race, and like followers of God as dear children, seeking to bring all men to the knowledge of truth? Are the lessons they learn at daily drill like the acquirements needed for a life of faith? Are their feelings toward their enemy like those which are produced by “fervent love,” out of “a pure heart?”

While the attacks against the Palestinians are horrific by themselves, nowhere does war provide such horrors as in an occupation. The inhabitants are shut in. Business, pleasure, education and civil discourse are ground into dirt. Miseries are multiplied. As the destruction begins, artillery shells explode in neighborhoods and penetrate the roofs of houses. Citizens are killed in the streets. Women and children retreat to their cinderblock homes and live in all discomfort under military law and confined to their homes for days on end. Day by day the gloom thickens. All news is of houses bulldozed, land stolen, persons killed, children maimed, prices raised and scarcity increased. As there is no army to battle the imperial soldier in blood-lust slaughters innocents.

Gladly, perhaps, would the citizens surrender, but the Zionist regime in Israel does not want surrender, it wants extermination. At length, famine and deprivation are enforced and opposition to such acts results in summary death sentences. As Israel cuts off food to women and children, the worker with no job, cannot purchase food if he is of the luck few that work. Medicine is denied the sick. As in Iraq, the US caused the death of 500,000 Iraqi children by cutting off medicine leaving children to die slow agonizing deaths. In Palestine fishing boats are attacked, sunk, or seized. The father, and his family, never having known daily comforts for generations, fall victim to poverty, hopelessness, death and disease. As the siege continues in occupied territory, the middle class sinks to destitution as everything that is not destroyed or stolen is sold to buy what little food can be smuggled in through tunnels. Palestinians have made breaches in the walls, but often are buried or slaughtered while trying to get food. All neighbors must work, amid blistering fire to try to assist each other in survival and coming to the aid of the injured. Mines are sprung, missiles fly and dropped bombs blow houses apart and dismember the occupants. White phosphorous burns through children’s bodies.

Bulldozers are summoned as families watch their lives crushed under tread. While all this occurs to Palestinians no relief comes from any individual professing Christian faith. Thousands perish in atrocities such as Operation Cast Lead, many while trying to save others. All are miserable and morn continually. The Zionist media dare not allow its people to see the suffering of the tender orphan who is the victim of cruelty enforced through intentional disinterest. The same is true for the peace activist who is shot execution- style while bringing sustenance to the starving. Thousands of Palestinians who have escaped violence die of pestilence, disease and injuries as Israelis cut off medicine and attack hospitals and ambulances. The sick are delayed for days and weeks as basic medicine is withheld, usually to the most innocent and defenseless, that being the children and the elderly. At length, the land is taken by storm, pillage, or depravation. Brutal soldiers glory in conquest while peoples’ lives consist of indescribable scenes of destitution, dismemberment and death of family members is the horrible fate that has been burnt into their consciousness. Will such actions ever bring people to Christ?

Yet, Christians claim this state of affairs is beyond their power to control. But as Bob Dillion said, “You got to serve somebody, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord, but you’re going to have to serve somebody.” Service to God cannot consist of militarism, imperialism and colonialism. Christians believe that God commanded people to obey government, but this is not true. Surely God did not want Germans to participate in the extermination of Jews anymore than he desires Christians or Jews to exterminate Palestinians in his name or in service to government.

While God said to give to Caesar that which is Caesar’s, he never defined what belonged to Caesar. Surely government is not due to all claims it makes upon those it lords over. If so, there is no limit to what government desires or is due as tribute, to include the very souls of its minions who serve it and that of the people over which it rules. Did Jesus’ parents, Mary and Joseph, follow the dictates of government when ordered to participate in the slaughter of the innocents?

If rendering unto Caesar means that surrendering your soul to whatever group of men prove to be the most conniving, manipulative, criminal and ruthless, should society render fidelity and honor to such a construct? The truth of the matter is that unlawful government is a violation to the natural order of the universe and is a rebellion against God. So what should be rendered unto Caesar?

Paul, in the book of Titus 3:1 says, “Remind them to be subject to rulers and authorities, to obey, to be ready for every good work.” Paul was clearly referring to the true higher authorities as recognized by God, not to the diabolical, Satanic, mortal governments that have existed since criminal enterprise and plunder by invaders assumed the pretense of government. God commands rulers to be subject to him and his authority. Yet, in the history of the US no government has yet done so. Hence, the government will fall. The bible says, “The Lord exalts a righteous nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.” Plunder through imperial wars, in the end, will hurt the conqueror as well as badly as the vanquished. Often Americans base their support for a war on how easily they can invade, occupy and then economically colonize a nation. Morality is not given any consideration. People like Hillary Clinton, rather than lose, would see all of Syria in complete ruin with hundreds of thousand dying of injuries, disease, starvation and depleted uranium. Is there any doubt she is a heathen?

With respect to government, how can the people consider a ruler to be a higher authority if he is in rebellion to God’s laws? It is in these times that God works through the people whom government is supposed to serve and allows the domestic population to throw off tyrants as the Iranian people did to the Shah.

Hosea 8:4, proclaims, While they set up kings, but not by Me; They made princes, but I did not acknowledge them.” While authority is an attribute of God, authority is not God. Is there authority outside of God? The answer to this question is: Yes. Satan has authority over evil; however, it is not Godly authority. Does God want us to obey satanic authority? Obviously not. How can God want us to follow the authority of one who usurped his authority and killed another ruler who was appointed by God? What would happen if the worldly authorities commanded Christians to denounce God or God’s authority? Would people be obliged? Obviously, they would not.

The establishment of rituals and creation of false dogmas has occurred throughout history. It was blindness of the Jews that caused them to fail to acknowledge they were putting Christ up on the cross. There are many rabbis in Israel who denounce Israel’s Zionist regime living by the sword. The nation that lives by the sword shall die by the sword. A reckoning awaits Israel and the US when its time comes, the Christian Zionists will believe it is the end of the world. They will try to convince Christians that Israel must be defended. They will promote the false dogma that that commands absolute support for Israeli crimes lest God bring about America’s decline. However, one can see the extreme decline in American influence amidst unquestioning support for Israel’s crimes against humanity.

President Ahmadinejad is seen on Youtube meeting with Iranian Jews. During the meeting these Jews denounced Zionism and spoke to issues regarding the evil of Zionism. Christian Zionists can rest assured that the Jewish media will never discuss the issue of Khazar Jews, their crimes against humanity and their creation of a cult within Judaism. One need not look far, but only be earnest his or her effort to discover truth. When one seeks truth and finds it, it will set you free.




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