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A portion of the US elite, who are heathens by definition, have made their false god the power of the state. These individuals believe they can create the perfect ordered society through force. These elites are primarily split amongst two camps.

One camp believes it can create a better world through the liberal use of force by making other nations in the image of a secular US, the other believes in power for its sake and as a tool to ensure their dominance to make a better world for them at the expense of exploiting others. But, for both groups state power has become their idol.

One of the children killed by Israel in its attack on Qana, Lebanon.

They killed over 100 civilians in 1996 in a similar attack, which they also claimed was an “accident” and they then tried to shift blame onto “militants” despite a wealth of counter evidence that suggests the 1996 was not a “mistake” as claimed.

Le Front national, à l’instar de la majorité des autres partis, a présenté un candidat franco-israélien dans la 8e circonscription des Français de l’étranger. Non sans provoquer quelques remous en interne. 

Pourfendeuse du communautarisme et passionaria de la laïcité lorsqu’il s’agit de l’Islam, Marine Le Pen trouve bien des arrangements avec ses grands principes lorsqu’il s’agit …des juifs et d’Israël, comme le montre l’a montré la cantidature bleu Marine dans la 8ème circonscricption des français résidant à l’étranger lors des dernières législatives.